Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND Training Fan

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Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND Training Fan

Control your climate with the KICKR HEADWIND from Wahoo. By intelligently controlling fan speeds, this smart fan puts your workout to work by producing outdoor worthy headwinds to provide optimized indoor cooling. The HEADWIND is KICKR Desk compatible - just drop it into position and ride!


  • Powerful Airflow - With wind speeds topping out at over 30 mph the KICKR HEADWIND will keep you cool during your hardest efforts.
  • Rider optimized - The Targeted Airflow Pattern of the KICKR HEADWIND is designed to mirror the shape and position of a cyclist's body while riding on a bicycle.
  • Sensor-based control - Control the speed of your KICKR HEADWIND by pairing your ANT+ speed sensor, heart rate monitor, or smart trainer directly to the fan. As your speed or heart rate increases so will the fan speed.
  • 4 Manual Speeds - Control the KICKR HEADWIND with a simple press of a button. Four (4) preprogrammed fan speeds allow you to select your ideal airflow.
  • App Controlled - Use the Wahoo App for easy fan speed control at your fingertips.
  • KICKR DESK Compatible - The KICKR HEADWIND was specially designed to fit with the KICKR DESK. The wheels on the KICKR HEADWIND allow you to roll the fan into position when it is attached to your KICKR DESK.


  • 30 mph/48 kph max fan speed
  • ANT/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable leg for two positions
  • 120v 60hz motor
  • Weighs 12lbs