Wahoo Fitness KICKR CLIMB

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Take your cycling experience to new heights with the KICKR CLIMB. Designed to take your indoor training ride to the next level by physically adjusting your bike to simulate grade changes and engage the muscles needed to take on the steepest hills. Raises and lowers your bike to match ascents of up to 20% and descents of -10% when paired with the new KICKR or new SNAP. Connect to the most popular online training platforms to create an immersive ride experience. Whether riding a virtual course or performing a structured workout, KICKR CLIMB blends physical grade changes with resistance changes to engage climbing muscles. You’ll be a more powerful, efficient cyclist when you hit the real road. Elevate your indoor training experience with KICKR CLIMB.


  • KICKR CLIMB mimics real roads, engages climbing muscles, and improves pedaling technique
  • KICKR CLIMB swiftly raises your bike to 20% grade and descends to -10% grade
  • Pairs directly to KICKR or KICKR SNAP; this connection enables the Wahoo Smart Trainers to control the KICKR CLIMB
  • Includes remote to pair it to your KICKR or KICKR SNAP for manual adjustment
  • Remote attaches to your handlebars; when not in use the remote conveniently stores away in the top of the KICKR CLIMB
  • Unlock Mode allows input to grade changes from external sources such as Zwift or TrainerRoad
  • Lock Mode ensures response to only commands received from the remote
  • Connect an ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT to replicate the topography of your favorite saved routes
  • Supports standard quick release hubs as well as 12x100, 15x100, and 15x110 thru axle hubs


In the Box:

  • Max Incline: 20%
  • Max Decline: -10%
  • Compatible Trainers: New Wahoo KICKR and New KICKR SNAP
  • Metrics: Current Grade
  • Dimensions: H: 25.75" W: 5.1" L: 17" (65cm x 13cm x 43cm)
  • Supported Hubs: QR, 12x100, 15x100, 15x110
  • Wireless Software Updates: Yes
  • 3rd Party App Compatible: Yes, when paired to a KICKR or KICKR SNAP
    • KICKR CLIMB Unit
    • Power Adapter
    • Adapters for quick release, 12x100, 15x100, and 15x110 Hubs