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Shimano’s road shoe lineup begins with the SH-RP1 Shoes. It’s very much a basic cycling shoe. But, being that it’s from Shimano, the RP1 is so much more.

SH=shoe. RP1=Road Performance 1. It has everything you need in a cycling shoe. Stiff sole, cleat mounts, heel pad, toe pad, vent, synthetic leather upper, two straps, padded heel cup. All essential. It benefits from over 25  years of Shimano experience building shoes. When they got involved with shoes, it was as an extension of their work in pedals. The pedal was a component, so too, they reasoned, is the shoe. The RP1 is light years beyond those first shoes, and benefits from trickle-down technology, as Shimano has been advancing their shoes consistently over the years.

The sole. It has a curve that Shimano has evolved over the years. It’s shaped for stiffness, comfort, and efficiency. The material is lightweight glass fiber-reinforced nylon. It has a stiffness rating of 6 from Shimano. Their top-of-the-line racing shoes now have a stiffness of 12. 6 means it has some give and should be more comfortable for those who are used to riding in sneakers. It’s a huge step up from them.

Embedded in the sole are both two-bolt and three-bolt mounting plates for cycling cleats. These cover basically all the cleats on the market. Three-bolt cleats are typically for road pedals, two- bolt are for mountain bike or touring pedals. This flexibility is good for people who aren’t sure what pedal system they want to use, or for those who are buying the shoes for indoor cycling and want to mount whatever cleats go best with their favorite indoor bike.

The upper is made of a synthetic leather. It’s better than leather, as it stretches less and doesn’t have the issues with water and aging that leather has. They’ve perforated sections of the sides and have implanted mesh panels over the toes.

They use two straps with hook-and-loop closures. The lower strap is to adjust the volume of the toe box. The upper strap is to hold the foot down in the shoe. The heel cup is simple, deep, and padded, helping keep your foot in place and preventing it from coming out as you pull up.

The Shimano SH-RP1 weighs 255g for a size 42.

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