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The OMATA One cycling computer is a simplistic and pure way to make the most out of your ride. This version uses metric units such as kilometers per hour and meters. This machine is built for the purist who wants data for more than just the sake of data. It shows five data sets: speed, distance, ascent, time, and battery level. OMATA claims that future firmware updates will allow riders to record power, heart rate, and cadence as well. The OMATA Utility App is a one of a kind interface that puts your data to use. Through it, you can download rides, review summaries, and share rides to Strava.

Digital and analog mediums are combined to create the OMATA One for modern mechanical movement. It translates GPS and other sensor data into precision rotary mechanical movement so you can see and feel your efforts through the movement of the hands. Many riders feel that the analog presentation of the computer gives riders a stronger feeling of harmony with the bike. Aside from the computer, this purchase includes a charging cable, a K-Edge Pro Mount for a 31.8mm handlebar, and an OMATA insert. The OMATA One KPH is a great choice for the rider who want a minimalistic feel on a computer that provides so much more.


  • Weight: 79 grams
  • Included: Charging Cable (USB), K-Edge Pro Mount (31.8mm handlebar with insert)
  • Features: batteries included, wireless functionality