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Mavic’s Ksyrium started their cutting-edge aluminum all-rounder wheelset. The aluminum-rimmed, aluminum-spoked wheel was shallow but fast. The Ksyrium Pro Tubeless Wheelset carries on that tradition, and does so with both rim brake and disc brake versions.

The rim for the rim brake version is 17mm wide on the inside, better for 25mm tires. The disc and rim versions are a bit different after that. The rim version is 24mm tall in front, 26mm tall in the rear. The disc version is 19mm wide and 22mm tall front and rear. They keep the weight down further by milling the rim between the spoke holes via their ISM 4D process (Inter Spoke Milling), keeping the inside wall of the rim unpierced (no tubeless tape necessary), save the valve hole, and running nipples through the rim before attaching them to bladed, aluminum Zicral spokes.

The rim brake version has Mavic’s Exalith 2 treatment. This is a permanent treatment after the brake tracks have been machined, and it hardens the surface, increasing rim life and keeping the track looking the same dark hue for the life of the rim. Exalith pads are included and should be used. The disc brake version doesn’t mill or treat the brake track, as the braking is via a rotor. Centerlock is standard, though six-bolt can be special ordered.

The disc brake version is designed to work with thru-axles, 100x12mm in front, 142x12mm in back. Endcaps to convert to quick release are sold separately. The rim brake wheel comes with Mavic’s light and strong BR601 quick releases.

An eleven-speed SRAM/Shimano-compatible cassette body comes with; converting to Campagnolo or SRAM XD-R is easy with an accessory body.

The Mavic Yksion Pro UST tires come installed. 700x25mm. Tubeless valves are installed as well. The sealant is included in a syringe—you can do this moments before you hit the road. If you prefer other tubeless tires, or tubed tires, you can install those as well. Tires as narrow as 23mm and as wide as 32mm can be safely installed.

Spoking is pretty straightforward. Though the aluminum Zicral spokes are strong, Mavic needed to add spokes to the front wheel and cross them, to fight disc brake forces. 24 spokes up front, with a cross-two pattern. the rear uses Mavic’s strong and light Isopulse lacing—24 spokes with the drive side radial and the disc side cross-two. The rim brake version has eighteen radial spokes up front and twenty in the Isopulse lacing in back.

A SRAM/Shimano compatible eleven-speed cassette body is standard. A Campagnolo body can be swapped in as an accessory. For the disc wheels, a SRAM XD-R body is also available.

The wheels come with Mavic’s wheel wrench.

Weights for the Mavic Ksyrium Pro Tubeless wheelsets are 1650g for the disc version and 1475g for the rim brake version.