MAVIC Cosmic Pro II black


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All cycling shoes need to find the right balance between stiff enough for efficient power transfer, but not so stiff as to cause foot pain and hot spots. The Mavic Cosmic Pro Shoes tread that balance expertly by offering an excellent, lightweight fit with just enough stiffness in the sole to enhance each pedal stroke.

A fine microfiber upper makes it possible for the shoe to feel extremely soft and comfortable while still holding the foot in place with the help of the Mavic Ergo Dial. The ability to micro adjust on the fly makes these shoes not only comfortable, but practical for those longer rides in the heat when your foot is likely to expand a little. The special Endofit tongue helps hug the foot to the point that Mavic even calls the fit of this shoe the Glove Effect. It means that there is a nice and roomy tow box, but everything is held in place so you won’t have the tongue sliding to one side or the other. The lateral and medial TPU frame keeps your foothold secure in all positions

The Energy Carbon Outsole is supportive and thin, so that the sole of your foot is as close to the spindle of the pedal as possible to increase your pedaling efficiency. And since it’s made from ultra-stiff carbon, the weight savings will be easy to feel enhancing the energy transfer. Mavic also uses the OrthoLite ergonomic insole that will feel cushioning and comfortable, conforming to the shape of your foot.

The Mavic Cosmic Pro Shoes are a well-priced pro-quality racing shoe that will be comfortable for the long haul.

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