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The Lightweight Meilenstein is the all-carbon wheel that put Lightweight on the map. It has been refined several times over the years, and the latest, in this case the Meilenstein T 24E brings forth a wide rim Tubular version of the classic cutting-edge wheel. There are both Standard and Schwarz versions.

Once you’ve ridden a Meilenstein, you never forget it. Deep dish carbon-fiber rims held in place by bladed carbon-fiber spokes that are permanently affixed to the rim and hub, with carbon-fiber flanges and carbon-fiber hub bodies. The carbon-fiber spokes are even tied together where the spokes cross. The wheels are incredibly stiff, efficient, and strong. They can handle daily abuse without breaking a sweat and the lateral stiffness is fabulous for carving turns and getting out of the saddle.

This is Lightweight’s all-rounder wheel that leans toward bigger hills. Very light but still pretty aero. It’s lighter than most climbing wheels and deeper than them as well.

The rim grows a bit to a depth of 48mm. The rim width has been moved out to 24mm, the 24 of the name, at the brake track, creating a better ride for wide tires, as well as better aerodynamics. They recommend tires 24-32mm wide, 24-27mm are great for road riding, while UCI-legal cyclocross tires can go up to 33mm.

Braking is excellent, with a resin that doesn’t soften with heat and provides consistent braking in the wet and dry.

The front hub is built by Lightweight. The rear hub is also built by Lightweight but includes a DT/Swiss cassette body, splined for either Campagnolo or SRAM/Shimano 9/10/11-speed cassettes.

There are two different spoke configurations, 16 front and 20 rear, and 20 front and 20 rear. The 16/20 set weighs 505g front, 660g rear and has a max system weight—bike and rider—of 100kg. The 20/20 set weighs 520g/660g and has a max rider weight of 120kg.

There are two different versions, Standard and Schwarz (Black). The latter has black logos and CeramicSpeed bearings in the hub.

All versions and configurations come with Lightweight wheel bags, Lightweight-preferred SwissStop brake pads, Lightweight valve extenders, and Lightweight ultralight quick release skewers. A speedometer magnet is embedded in the rims.

The Lightweight Meilenstein T 24E Tubular Wheelset is the new standard.