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Riding on the freeway just got faster. The Lightweight Fernweg Clincher Wheel is the lightest deep-section clincher around. The diet comes in handy when accelerating and climbing. But the diet doesn't come at the expense of efficiency and lateral stiffness. This wheel is stiffer than the competition at this depth, even with only sixteen front spokes and the standard complement of twenty in the rear.
Lightweight is able to make their wheels so stiff thanks to construction. The carbon-fiber spokes are stretched into place and then epoxied so that the tension is high and uniform and will never drop. They go extra distance to use extra material to virtually tie-and-solder the spokes where they cross in the rear. All these features go to drive the 79.5mm deep, 20mm wide rims. The rims, which benefit from the work on the Meilenstein Gen 4 lay-up, are brutally strong and resist overheating like few rims on the market.
Lightweight works in everything they can possibly think of, which is more than most people can imagine. The rims have embedded magnets so you don't need to affix a speedo' magnet yourself, and the magnet will neither impact the spoke strength of the aerodynamics—and they're balanced by being embedded opposite the valve hole. They also build their own hub blanks and use DT Swiss cassette bodies that can be swapped from Campagnolo to Shimano/SRAM (9/10/11 for all) just like you would a DT Swiss cassette body.
Because of the construction, you don't need rim strips. The wheels come with Lightweight's steel quick release skewers (only 45g for the set), Lightweight brake pads made by SwissStop, plastic tire levers, and a double wheel bag. Use the pads; Lightweight requires them for their warranty. Use plastic levers; metal could damage the rims.
Lightweight strongly urges buyers to register their wheels on the Lightweight website within five days of receiving wheels. Each wheel has a unique ten-digit number that is encoded on a microchip embedded in each wheel. This helps you with both their crash replacement program and Wheelprotection program-and can come in handy if your wheels are lost or stolen. The first applies to all wheels and entitles you to 30% off a replacement wheel if you destroy one in a crash. The second is their insurance program, which means that by paying up front, your Lightweight wheels are protected for three years from any damage that might occur. Go here ( to read up and register.
Lightweight offers an option with this wheelset. The Weiss Edition. The spokes and hub are coated with white Durflon polymer for a glossy custom look. They also package the wheels with their titanium quick release skewers rather than their steel quick releases. The coating adds about 20g per wheel while the skewers save about 5g per wheel.
The freeway is wherever you set the Lightweight Fernweg Clincher Wheels to go.


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