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Typical blinky lights have either a constant flash or a repeated series of flashes. Garmin’s Varia actually has a radar built it, so its flashes change as a vehicle approaches from the rear.

Better still, it ingrates with head units—Garmin’s, of course, but also many others—alerting you to the approaching vehicle and its approach. It sends an ANT+ signal from the light to your head unit, and that signal can be turned into an alert on the unit itself.

The Varia RTL510 measures 98.6mm long by 39.6mm wide by 19.7mm thick. It weighs 71g. It has three modes solid, night flash, and day flash. Battery life is six hours in solid, six hours in night flash, and 15 hours in day flash. The light has a field of 220-degrees.

There are two iterations. The Non-Bundle comes with the unit, mounting kit, cables, and documentation. The Bundle adds a radar display unit that can be mounted to your stem or handlebars.