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Deda makes their Parabolica Clip-On Extensions in three bends and two handlebar diameters. There’s one that will work with your happy hard place.

The one component that goes across the line are the clamps. They’re aluminum, have two bolts you access from the bottom, and feature a second round clamp to secure the extensions. The standard setup comes with adjustable armrests that move in and out forward and back and sit atop the clamps. Pads are included as well.

There are two clamp diameters available to attach the extensions to the bars. They are the standard 31.7mm and the oversized 35mm. If you go with the 31.7mm, the extensions come with an armrest riser kit as well. There are two 10mm, 15mm, and 30mm spacers included, as well as a bolt kit. The spacers can be used singly, doubly, or with all three. If you use all three spacers, the additional weight for the kit and bolts is 140g.

The three bends are the Zero (flat), the Uno (ski or J-bend), or the Due (S-Bend or two curves). The Zero extensions are: 310mm long and weighs 396g. The Uno 350mm long and weighs 350g. The Due 300mm long and weighs 300g.