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If you’ve got a feeling of déjà vu looking at these extensions, you’re not confused. The Deda Metal Blast extensions look nearly identical to the Carbon Blast extensions they also make. But the eagle-eyed among us will notice that these extensions are longer.

They’re only 25mm longer, about an inch. But if you like being a bit more stretched out, that inch can add measureable speed. As with the carbon versions, these are approved for both ITU racing and UCI time trials.

while these bars can be used on time trial bikes, the design is really to be attached onto road bikes, to give you an aero position in a rolling or climbing timed event. It’s a cheap way to get narrow for any time trial, a starter set for the

The extensions are shaped and curved 6061 aluminum tubes. They’re 140mm long and are designed to be ridden with a 90mm width. They clamp on to 31.7mm diameter handlebars—they should work with all bars, so long as the bar manufacturer has approved the use of clip-ons with the bars. Atop the extensions are integrated armrests with small, dense padding. They can’t be adjusted, but in this case, you probably wouldn’t want to go either wider or narrower.

The Deda Metalblast Clip-On Extensions come either in Black anodized or White panted.