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When you want, short aero extensions because you’re racing drop handlebars, Deda has you covered with their Carbon Blast Clip-On Extensions. They’re short, simple, and sweet.

Basically, if you’re riding drop bars, the length of standard extensions will probably be too long for you. That’s because they’re designed with the stretched out, forward time trial position in mind. If you’re riding drops, your position is a bit farther back, and your stem longer. As a result, you need shorter extensions to get the same aero position.

These bars are 135mm long. When you install the ITU and UCI-legal bridge, the bars are set 90mm apart. The rise from the clamp to the ends is 34mm. The handlebar clamps are designed for 31.7mm handlebars—any limitation is on the bar side of things, not the clamp. Atop the extensions are integrated armrests with small, dense padding.

The Deda Carbon Blast Clip-On Extensions weigh 226g.