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The Blackburn Outpost HV Anyvalve Air Pump is the adventure mini-pump of the Blackburn line. It’s long and fat, 20cm by 5cm, and can take care of our high volume needs quickly and easily.

This is the pump for Plus Bikes. This is the pump for Fat Bikes. This is the one when you need to fill a large tire carcass quickly. And it can do it in all temperatures. The materials utilized in the construction of this pump are durable across a huge temperature range. It can work in desert heat and still work down to 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

The head is Blackburn’s Anyvalve design, where you just shove it on to any Dunlop, Presta, or Schrader valve, flip the locking lever, and it’s secure. There’s a switch for low and high pressure pumping to give you the ability to choose how long it takes you to pump and how easily. Max pressure is 80psi.

The pump comes with a mount that secures to water bottle bolts, but it can just as easily be stashed in a hydration pack.

The Blackburn Outpost HV Anyvalve Pump is the solution to your high volume needs.