Bas Rutten -O2Trainer Breathing Respiratory Training


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  • THE OFFICIAL BAS RUTTEN RESPIRATORY TRAINING DEVICE - Designed by Bas Rutten himself to increase inspiratory (inhalation) muscle endurance, the O2 Trainer is a lightweight breathing device that regulates air intake and improves muscle oxygen efficiency during exercise.
  • RESULTS AFTER ONLY 30 DAILY REPS - The O2 trainer is more than just a tool for athletes to improve their training. In just under four minutes of work, 30 reps with the O2 will strengthen your lungs and breathing muscles in your upper abs. Training your breathing in this way benefits your everyday life!
  • STRENGTHENS YOUR LUNGS AND DIAPHRAGM - The O2 Trainer controls air intake to the lungs and supports the shift in your breathing to your diaphragm. Red blood cell concentration increases, maximum cardiac output decreases, the volume of air ventilation in muscles improves… all from a fitness breathing mask that reduces in-workout stress and anxiety.
  • PORTABLE KIT DESIGN – Both the trainer and the inserts have been designed to fit in an easy to pack portable kit. The O2 kit fits in any gym bag or suitcase, making it easy to train on the road just as easily as when you’re home.
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