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To go forwards faster, 3T determined that the bullhorns should go backwards. The 3T Revo Team Aerobar reverses the direction of the hand rests on your base bar for greater aerodynamics, comfort, and speed.

The Team base bar comes out of the same mold as the LTD, so the shape is identical. There are two differences. The first difference is the Team utilizes standard carbon rather than high modulus carbon. The second is the S-bend extensions are aluminum instead of high-modulus carbon. Same position, big cost savings, slight weight penalty. These are about 70g heavier all told-from 770g with no stack spacers, up to 900g with all the stack spacers.

The shape comes from the peripatetic Gerard Vroomen, who co-founded Cervélo. With the hand rests hiding behind the base bar, you have an extremely aerodynamic, shallow drop, short reach handlebar that’s UCI compliant  There’s no way your hands can slip forward and off, even if the bar is covered in water or sweat. Accelerating, sprinting, descending, cornering on choppy pavement, and your hand will stay put without fear. Adding to both aerodynamics and comfort is the slight triangulation at the back end of the base bar. Easy to grip with your smaller fingers.

Its 40cm wide, measured center-to-center. The 31.8mm center-section base bar has a forward-sweeping and dipping wing, with a drop of 46mm. But at the ends of the wing, the 83mm long hand rests are behind the wing, rather than in front, giving you a reach of 72mm. This is both for aerodynamics and comfort.

Any internal-clamp brake or brake/shift lever will still fit in front of the bar, so you will have the brake lever in an ergonomically comfy position.

Atop the base bar are the mounts for extensions. 335mm long High-modulus carbon-fiber S-bend bars are included in the package, as are 10 and 20mm spacers. Stack height to the armrests can be as little as 30mm and as high as 97mm, depending on how you utilize the stack spacers. The width between the armrests can be as little as 220mm, as measured from outer edge to outer edge, and as wide as 340mm. And the reach of the pads can be set anywhere from 20mm ahead of the base bar center, measuring from the front pad edge, to 70mm. And the pads can be canted for greater comfort.

The 3T Revo Team aerobar puts revolutionary bars in reach.