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Elite Borson Travel Bike Bag Black


Traveling with your bike shouldn’t be a cumbersome activity that defeats the excitement of riding in another state or country. The Elite Borson Travel Bike Bag is a practical, lightweight, no-nonsense travel case that removes the typical issues associated with lugging a bike along on your next adventure. Most bicycle travel cases are heavy, hardshell, difficult-to-pack nuisances that aren’t worth the trouble. The Borson is a super roomy, three-panel bag that doesn’t require an engineering degree to use. The only things to remove are the pedals and wheels (and the handlebar if it’s a mountain bike). The provided padding and armor protect all the sensitive bike parts. Zip up the bag and pedal on!


  • Totally safe
  • Very little bicycle disassembly required
  • Total compatibility
  • Compatible with bicycles with quick-release and thru-axle
  • Super light
  • Easy handling
  • Reduced clutter
  • Developed and tested with pro tour teams


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